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Machine Guard and Enclosure System

Protective Barriers

The protective system is a separate system which has been designed to meet the different kind of deemed from customers. The outside plane gives the whole set a beautiful look. The adjustment of the fastening style increases there liability of the product sand allowst he installation of grid networks, PMMA panels, aluminum composite panels, different panel hike and soon. Installing net and panel uses different profiles, for more details please refer to the profile sections.

Test on Protective Barriers


Testconditions: We apply a load on the protective unit, in order to test the deformation and determine the maximal load capacity of the protective net. For the testing we use a PG401800x920 protective unit (40x40mesh?4diameter), and we apply a 600N load. The deformation of the protective net is30mm, when the load is removed, it will comeback to its initial state. With that test, by increasing the load, we can find the maximal admissible load for the protective unit, if over the maxload(1200B), the fastening structure of the protective net will be damaged and will not be able to comeback.

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CAF Systems, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Modular Aluminium Profile Systems for machine building and industrial applications. As one of the pioneers in this industry CAF Systems has developed a product offering in which in terms of quality, variety, value and flexibility is second to none. ith different Profile Series identified by their respective square dimensions. With different Profile Series identified by their respective square dimensions of 20, 30, 40, 45, 80, CAF Systems offers.

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